BJ McKay

Senior Leadership Consultant

BJ McKay has made a career out of studying why humans ‘do what we do.’ With authentic energy, experience and presence he guides clients, using data, in creating practical goals to help them achieve their vision of success in their business and life. BJ’s clients, from 5 employees to over 90,000, can be found operating in the United States and internationally, in a wide variety of business sectors. His sincere focus is to help clients solve complex issues with simple, practical solutions, channeling their own unique ideas and experiences rather than ‘preaching’ what ‘best’ looks like.

Before joining ADVISA 11 years ago, BJ sharpened his sales management skills in the SaaS world, and earned a Master of Arts in public relations and a BA in telecommunications from Ball State University.

Outside of ADVISA, he spends time with his wife, his two sons and his three daughters. BJ also owns The Arsenal, LLC, a 7 year old local fitness business.