Kristina Knaus

HR Director
Blink UX

Kristina Knaus is the HR Director and a partner at Blink. She spends her day wearing several hats including employee development and training, recruiting, diversity and inclusion, and benefits management. She loves working in a place where she is surrounded each day with smart, kind, and passionate people.

Kristina is a certified SHRM HR professional and a deep interest in culture and people. She attributes this passion to her time devoted to traveling after university when she spent time in Europe and Africa. During that time she worked to understand different parts of the world and increase her awareness of customs beyond her life in the U.S. These days, regardless of where she is in the world, she works to build meaningful relationships and lead with openness, empathy, and kindness in all her work.

In her spare time, Kristina can usually be found reading, planning her next trip, or eating at a yummy local establishment.